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End DateClass/Race/
NameReason for endgame
2313906-15320091230Tou Hum Mal Neu   trifpetrified by an Archon (with the Amulet)
206174212120100123Mon Hum Mal Neu   CatStevenskilled by a rock troll
153622171320100130Val Hum Fem Law   CatStevenskilled by a fire giant
136632141620100124Bar Hum Fem Cha   robcypherkilled by a rock troll
126312252620100216Sam Hum Mal Law   trabickilled by a touch of death
12263661120100221Bar Hum Fem Neu   robcypherpoisoned by a rotted black naga corpse
11329231020100218Mon Hum Mal Neu   hansel0killed by a fire ant, while helpless
96386212120100103Bar Orc Fem Cha   Jackkilled by an air elemental
79750121320100110Val Hum Fem Law   trifkilled by a winter wolf, while helpless
7025211120100109Val Hum Fem Law   trifescaped
4038781120100116Mon Hum Fem Neu   Xevkilled by an ettin mummy, while helpless
28605111120100130Wiz Hum Fem Neu   Xevkilled by an energy vortex
223017920100327Wiz Elf Fem Cha   Xevkilled by a soldier ant
17773101020100101Sam Hum Fem Law   robcypherkilled by a vampire
1690451020100129Wiz Elf Mal Cha   Voltarikilled by a scroll of earth
121387720091226Kni Hum Mal Law   robcypherkilled by an owlbear
117866920100314Kni Hum Mal Law   iigneouskilled by a soldier ant
11405121220091228Cav Hum Mal Neu   trifkilled by a dwarf
104708820100202Ran Hum Fem Cha   robcypherpetrified by a chickatrice
80056620100121Kni Hum Fem Law   Xevkilled by a soldier ant
77267720100115Hea Hum Mal Neu   LawyerGuyquit
64968820100126Arc Dwa Mal Law   robcypherkilled by a leocrotta
51548820091227Ran Orc Fem Cha   boldbjornkilled by a watch captain
51026620100324Sam Hum Mal Law   iigneouskilled by an Uruk-hai
45455520091230Rog Hum Fem Cha   trifkilled by an ape
45122720091226Ran Elf Fem Cha   Spadenkilled by a rothe
42657720100303Pri Hum Mal Neu   light3killed by a black unicorn
30918820100318Arc Gno Mal Neu   morukilled by a giant spider
28506620091230Rog Hum Mal Cha   trifkilled by a jaguar
25375520100111Pri Elf Mal Cha   robcypherpoisoned by a rotted gray ooze corpse
25367720100228Cav Hum Mal Neu   light3killed by a giant bat
24229920100326Pri Elf Mal Cha   iigneouskilled by a soldier ant
23549920091225Tou Hum Mal Neu   Jackkilled by a dwarf
19366620100209Arc Hum Mal Neu   Voltarikilled by a magic missile
15844520100225Hea Hum Mal Neu   iznogoudkilled by a pony, while helpless
15275520091228Tou Hum Fem Neu   trifkilled by a killer bee
10027720100111Hea Gno Fem Neu   robcypherkilled by a small mimic, while helpless
8415520100305Rog Orc Mal Cha   iigneouskilled by a dwarf zombie
7193320100323Cav Gno Mal Neu   someone13killed by a bat
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