Games for Jillian

On this page, you will find some games made by me for wife Jillian. The games are modifications of existing games.

Nethack Valentine's Day 2004 Special

This game is based on Nethack, the classic dungeon adventuring game. Jill is a big fan of Nethack, indeed, she entered the Devnull Nethack Tournament and ascended six times, and won a Hat Trick trophy.

The Valentine's Day Special is quite short, about 10 levels, and can be completed in half an hour. There is a new quest, and the object of the game is to complete the quest. You have to play as a Valkyrie, and in TTY mode. The game was intended to be run on a Linux machine and played by telnet, which made development easy and also meant that I didn't need to make any new graphics. It may be portable to other platforms, provided that you build the TTY version.


The modifications are made available under the Nethack Public License. My interpretation is that this licence is very similar to the GPL, so I am free to distribute modified versions of Nethack provided that the source is also available. Which it is, in the form of a patch against the vanilla 3.4.3 source.


Snowplough was written as a present for Jill (Christmas 2004). It is based on Digger Remastered, and features new sound effects, graphics, and music (although I'm not able to redistribute the music that I used for legal reasons). Snowplough has identical game play to Digger, which allows reuse of Digger Remastered demo files.

Snowplough runs on both Windows and Linux, and you can download precompiled binaries. The source code is also available.


Both Snowplough and Digger Remastered are made available under the GNU General Public License, which you can find here, and in the source archive.