Sound Troll

Sound Troll stops other programs from changing your sound card input setting. This is useful for playing games that use a microphone input but do not give you sufficient control of its settings.

Sound Troll is a Windows console program. It supports an unlimited number of sound cards and allows you to fix the input setting to anything you want. Resource usage (CPU, memory) is very low. However, this program is a quick hack. It is unsupported, there is no warranty. With the exception of the PortMixer code in input_source.cpp, the source code is public domain.



Sound Troll includes source code from PortMixer, which is distributed with Audacity. PortMixer is copyright (c) 2002, 2006 Dominic Mazzoni, Augustus Saunders and Leland Lucius. PortMixer and Audacity have nothing to do with Sound Troll - they simply provided the features I needed, within an open source program.