SOCKSified SDL_net

SOCKSified SDL_net is a version of the SDL_net library which includes support for SOCKS v4 and SOCKS v5. SOCKS allows all network access to be tunnelled through a proxy, which is useful in places where direct network access is not possible (e.g. behind a restrictive firewall).

This library was originally written to allow Windows applications to be SOCKSified, at a time when the only other way was to use a commercial SOCKS library with a number of restrictions. Today, another program exists named FreeCap. I have not tested FreeCap but I gather that it has a good reputation. (On Linux, it has always been possible to SOCKSify programs using tsocks, which is free.)

This software is provided under the GNU General Public License. It was written because I wanted to SOCKSify GCCG for Windows, but found myself unsatisfied with the licensing conditions for SOCKScap. However, I no longer need SOCKSified SDL_net. Chances are, you don't either, because you can use FreeCap to SOCKSify all your Windows applications. But I've kept it online anyway; it may be useful for some other purpose.

How it works

You can SOCKSify any application that uses SDL_net by replacing the SDL_net DLL provided by the application with the one in this package. You must also provide a tsocks.conf file which specifies which SOCKS server you use. A sample tsocks.conf file is included: you can modify it quite easily.



Replace SDL_net.dll in the directory of the application you wish to SOCKSify with SDL_net.dll from the binary package. Copy tsocks.conf to the same place, and edit it to specify the address of your SOCKS proxy.

If your application does not have SDL_net.dll already, then it is not an SDL_net application, and cannot be SOCKSified using this package. Consider FreeCap and tsocks.