It is 1895 and you are a member of the British Space Expedition. You receive the following letter from your long-time friend and leader, Sir Phileas T. Verne.

The First of October, 1895

My dear friend,

As you know, today we celebrate the opening of our first colony on the new world of Vaporia, some 20,000 light-years from England. Our colony is truly the most advanced structure that Science can create - a city on an alien world, entirely powered by steam from the planet's core. It has taken us five long years to get here by rocket-ship, and like the great Explorers before us, we shall make this foreign land our home: a new outpost of the Empire!

As my most trusted lieutenant, I leave you in sole charge of the new city, while I begin exploration of Vaporia. There is much to be done:- you must expand the city, but before you can do that, you'll have to secure better supplies of steam.

I wish you the best of luck, but must warn you that we may not be alone on Vaporia! I have detected evidence of civilisation here, so you may need to defend yourself. But I have faith in your abilities, my friend!

The steam must flow,


(signature) Phileas T. Verne