20,000 Light Years Into Space - News


Announcement: 27th September 2011

Do not be fooled! Progress is still very slow. However, Jack has uploaded some early source code from the new version to the Github repository managed by Scott Johnson. This is not a playable game yet but some of the new features are somewhat in place.

Announcement: 20th July 2011

Due to slow progress on the new version, the current version has been updated with various bug fixes.

Announcement: 4th June 2011

A new version is currently being developed, and will be released "when it's done". In the new version, you can expect:

  • A simplified user interface.
  • A series of maps to be "solved" in turn as part of a larger campaign.
  • Higher-definition graphics, suitable for high resolution monitors.
  • Still free (GPL version 2).
A new artist is involved with the project and HD graphics have been drawn up. Code is written whenever Jack has time. The new version will incorporate a number of suggestions received since the original release.

A major new feature is the introduction of a linear programming engine to determine optimal steam flow through the network. This replaces the original network simulator with something more realistic.