Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year's Reorganisation - and a suggestion to others

I have reorganised the software catalogue on my website. The software is now organised by month and year, and many items have longer descriptions. I have also added a few items that were missing, including some really old programs from the early 1990s, and a few more recent projects.

I hope I will be able to add a few more things in the future, if I can restore them to a working state. I found some of my old programs on a recordable CDROM that I burned in 1996, some with source code, and it was really interesting to look through them. I wish I had kept more. Of course this old work is of relatively poor quality, and I don't much like the C formatting style of the 12 year old me, but the past is a different country...

If you have children, and they are interested in programming, consider periodically archiving their work. The same comment applies if they play games that involve construction, such as Minecraft. Years later, they may thank you for keeping copies of their old projects, even things that were never completed. My earliest Modula-2 and BASIC programs are probably gone forever - this is no loss to the world, but for me, it would still be nice to see them again.