Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Doomed again

I am unable to resist remarking on the amazing coincidence that, two weeks after I write this:
"Doom The Way id Did" is worth playing for its own sake, but also because it mostly succeeds in recapturing the feel of the old game... At the same time, it was probably a lot better than anything Romero could reasonably have done today. He moved on to other things long ago, and would not have had time or motivation to create work of the same quality for some freely-downloadable Doom levels. It's not just talent, it's also effort, and a willingness to redo things.
...a new Doom level by Romero appears online, the first one he's made in 21 years, and in the text file, he says it took him two weeks to design it.

I have now played it and I stand corrected. It seems he had both the time and motivation after all. It reminds me of the best bits of Doom episode 1. It adds new design elements too, which are not from the original game, but they do fit. In this respect I particularly liked the final boss room.

My own history with this game goes back a long way. I've been going through my old files recently, looking for interesting stuff to restore and upload here, and there's a lot of Doom-related stuff: not just homemade levels of generally poor quality, but also software projects that were obviously inspired by or related to Doom. The impact this one game had on me is huge. I never got that far with my own DOS-based software 3D engines, but working on them was fun and informative.