Saturday, 31 October 2015

Job at Rapita?

I thought I would mention that my company is recruiting engineers again. If you would like to live in York, and you have skills in software development and/or computer science, then I encourage you to apply. If I know you, then I'll recommend you.

For myself, moving from my University job to Rapita was a good thing. I was not well-suited to academia. I prefer having a job where I get to use technical skills every day. I can only talk about a few aspects of my work, but I work with a mixture of C, C++, Python, Perl and Ada, on embedded platforms and on desktop platforms. I get to use cool tools, not just the ones we make, but also professional tools that I could never otherwise afford, and other neat stuff. I learn: I have got much better at designing tests since I came here, and I think there's been a corresponding improvement in the quality of my work. Sometimes the work I do is actually open source, and you can see some of the things I do at Rapita on my Github page, where you'll find the work I recently did on Linux to support some WCET analysis on Linux platforms, and the work I did a few months ago to allow us to test our tools on old games like Quake 2. But this is the tip of the iceberg.

If you get an interview here, it'll involve mainly talking about yourself and your experience. We don't do exam-style whiteboard tests in the interview. Instead we assess ability by inviting people for a full day in our office where you're given a representative problem to solve, and are allowed to search for solutions online and ask for help/advice.