York (game)

York is a computer game, based on the German-style board game "Carcassonne", designed by Klaus-Juergen Wrede. York is not a finished game.


Unfortunately, development on York has halted, due to other demands on my time. York is now something of a dead project. If you have the skills and the time, you are welcome to take over as maintainer of York. However, I am releasing the complete development kit, which includes the packaging tools in addition to the full GPL source code of the game and data files.


Before I had to stop work on York, I was able to implement the River Expansion and Basic Game. There is support for network play, hotseating, and game recording. York includes a simple free tileset, and there is a tool for importing Carcassonne tiles.

These versions have not been extensively tested yet and may well have many bugs. However, you are welcome to try them out! York is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL version 2.


York has been developed on an 800MHz PIII, so the game should be quite playable on older computers. You should have at least 256Mb of memory, but less will probably work.

If you download the Windows version, you need Windows 2000 or XP (earlier versions are untested). If you download the Other OS version, you need to install Python 2.4 and Pygame 1.7. These programs are included by most Linux distributions. They can also be installed from source if necessary, by visiting the Python website and the Pygame website.

Bug Reporting

I no longer have time to maintain York. However, I will try to answer questions and help with any problems you may encounter. So do email me if you hit problems, and I will help you if I can.

Thank you for your interest.