Final Exam

Final Exam placed 9th (of 53) in the 2015 Interactive Fiction competition. It has an IFDB page.

You can download the game here: fnlexam.z5. The game runs in a "Z-machine" interpreter such as Frotz and is intended to be at least superficially similar to the Infocom games from the early 1980s.

I had some playtesting help from my wife, Ted Casaubon, Steven Postma, Olly Kirk and various anonymous transcripts from people who played the game during IFComp 2015 and posted feedback on the IFComp forum. This helped a lot.

Final Exam has a 'HINT' command and it should always be possible to progress to some ending (there are several). If you are really stuck, you can look at the walkthrough (PDF), though this only describes one solution to the game.